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Temples In Shape - reBorn


Beverly Brown

Discover Your Power

Through Virtual Coaching

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Hi, I’m Beverly

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

I'm known for my kick-butt classes but adored for my ability to motivate my clients to greatness. I am an athletic, an Ultra Marathon runner, a wife, a sister, a hugger, and a friend.  I have high expectations and an achiever's mind. We become what we believe and I believe only I have the power to move my life forward. Self discipline, focus and consistency doesn't come with a blue print. It is practiced, learned and earned. Though our comfort zones are a beautiful place, nothing grows there.  So, let's go!

My Vision

Is really simply.  Uplift, encourage and support every single soul that crosses my path, one mind, one heart, one spirit, one life, at a time. 

Virtual Classes

  • Reps, Burns, and Gains

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    1 hr

    6.49 US dollars
  • Let's Dance

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    1 hr

    6.49 US dollars
  • Clip In. Let's Ride

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    1 hr

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Introducing Temples In Shape - reBorn

Virtual "Live" Classes In The    Comfort of Your Home

Why re-Born? Covid-19 happened. Our clients are our number one reason we re-discovered, re-directed and transformed Temples In Shape-reBorn. Discovering new ways to stay connected to our clients. Offering fitness classes in the comfort of their homes through Zoom. Strength Training, Toning, Spinning, Zumba and more.


All "Live" with certified fitness trainers. 

Lifting Weights

Temples In Shape - reBorn

In The Palm Of Your Hand

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