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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Purchase a Monthly V Pass?

On HOME page click on Monthly V Pass “Quick Purchase” create an account/password and make purchase. You will receive a confirmation for the purchase of your Monthly V Pass. 

Are the Virtual Classes A Group Virtual Setting?

No.  The virtual classes are not a group virtual setting.  The Trainers are the only ones that can seen by all.  Other participants can not see you, nor, can you see them. We really do mean, in the "comfort" of your own home. 

V Pass Members - How Do I Schedule My Classes?


On HOME page, under the menu bar (top right) you will either see your name or Log-in. If you see Log-In, log in with the email address and password you created for your account. If you see your name, you are already logged in, click on your name;


In drop down menu, click my Bookings, Click on Services Offered. Choose the class of interest, in which you are trying to schedule, confirm the date of class, Click on the time for class and Click, pay now. 

IF YOU ARE LOGGED IN, it will recognize your email address as a V Pass Holder and YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED. You will receive a message - You are booked and A Zoom link for this class will be sent to your email. 


I’m A Monthly V Pass holder, Unlimited Classes,

Do I still Need To Schedule My Classes?


Yes you do. Scheduling class is the only way to generate Zoom link(s) for classes. 


Who Schedules My Classes? 


You MUST schedule your class. Scheduling your class generates a Zoom link, sent to your email. If you don’t schedule the class - you will not get the Zoom link. 

Where Do I Schedule My CLasses?


See V Pass Members - How Do I Schedule My Classes - Above


Do I Have To Schedule One Class At A Time?


No you do not. You can schedule one at a time, weekly or all classes of interest. It’s your chose. Just be sure to keep all Zoom Links and click on the correct link, for the correct (date and time) class. **There is a different Zoom link for every class you book. 


How Do I Register for a Drop In Class?


On Home Page, on the menu bar (top right) click Book A Virtual Class or scroll down to Virtual Class Page;

Click on class of interest, click Book Now, choose date and make payment. You will receive a message - You are booked. A Zoom link for this class has been sent to your email. 


How Do I Get Zoom Link For Class?


You must have either made a Monthly V Pass or a Drop-In Class purchase to “Schedule” your class. Scheduling your class generates your Zoom link automatically sent to your email address.


Where Is My Zoom Link?

Zoom links are automatically sent to the email address you provided when you created your account. Please check your spam and allow future emails from Temples In Shape 

Sharing your Zoom Link

Sharing your Zoom link is a direct violation of our Terms and Agreement. If it is determined that your link is being or has been shared, it could result in the immediate cancellation of your account.


How can I get the Temples In Shape Mobile App for Scheduling My Classes?


On the very last page of Temples In Shape’s web site (scroll down to the very last page), put in your mobile telephone number in. A link to download Wix will be sent to your phone. Download Wix, and you will see Temples In Shape mobile app. Where you can have easy and convenience in the palm of your hand. 


Benefits Of Having Mobile App:


*Shows all up coming classes scheduled 

*Drops individual Zoom Links in each class 

*Send direct emails to your Virtual Coach

*Can be added to your google calendar 

*Narrows it down to only what you need




How Do I Cancel My Auto Renew Monthly V Pass?


5 business day notice. No question asked.

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